Dog Food

Pets and the City supplies a full range of Montego, Royal Canin and Vets Choice dog food.

Pets and the City supplies the Royal Canin range of Dog Food. Mini (1 - 10 kg):   Babydog milk Mini Starter Mini Adult Mini Mature +8

Pets and the City supplies the Vets Choice range of Dog Food. Puppy Large Breed Puppy Vets Choice Premium Large Breed Adult

Pets and the City supplies the Top Dog range of Dog Food. Puppy Growing Adult Senior Lite Contact Us Give us a c

Pets and the City supplies the Maxhealth range of Dog Food. Puppy Junior Puppy Regular Bite Small

Pets and the City supplies the Montego range of Dog Food. Puppy   Karoo Puppy Adult   Karoo Adult Senior

Min Ageing 12 years 1.5kg

Mini Sensible 2kg

Mini Starter 3kg

Maxi Light 13Kg

Giant Junior 15kg

Giant Puppy 15kg

Giant Adult 15kg

Bulldog Junior 12kg

Boxer Junior 12kg

Chihuahua Junior 1.5kg

Chihuahua Adult 3kg

Cocker Adult 12kg

Min Dachshund Junior 1.5kg

Min Dachshund Adult

French Bulldog Adult 3kg

German Shepard Junior 12kg

German Shepard Adult 12kg

Great Dane Adult 12kg

Jack Russell Terrier Adult

Labrador Retriever Junior

Labrador Retriever Adult 12kg

Poodle Junior 3kg

Pug Junior 1.5kg

Rottweiler Adult 12kg

Miniature Schnauzer Junior 1.5kg

Miniature Schnauzer Adult

Yorkshire Terrior Junior 1.5kg

Mini Yorkshire Terrier Adult

Using nutrient-rich meat and poultry proteins (derived from ostrich & lamb), added vitamins (including C, D and E) and minerals – as well as high levels of antioxidants – in every enticing, balanced bowl, supports overall physical wel

Karoo Ostrich Adult

Sml Breed Adult