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Treats | Dogs | , Pretoria, Gauteng | Pets And The City | , Pretoria, Gauteng


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Pets and the City supplies a variety of Dog Treats including Doggie snack, a variety Rawhide bones and packs, Dry Rump bone, Probone, and Dog biscuits.



We stock the following Dog Treats:


Pumpkin seed

Doggie snack

Rawhide bone med

Rawhide bone small

Bon apple sinew

Bon apple sliced biltong

Doggie snack pack

Rawhide pack

Half Ostrich bone

Rawhide koeksister

Rawhide koeksister small

Dry rump bone

Round rawhide

Chompies stick

Beef sinew pack

Twisted koeksister

Ostrich flat sinew

Cgiant bones chicken pack

Bix bones

Healthy fibre

Probone Light

Probono large

Probono Iced

Loss bone biscuits

Ostrich bone 1

Roun biscuit tub










































Contact Us

Give us a call on 083 325 2644 or send an email with your Dog Treats requirements.