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Health Care | Dogs | , Pretoria, Gauteng | Pets And The City | , Pretoria, Gauteng


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Pets and the City supplies over the counter medicine for pets.  You will find medicine for Ticks and Fleas, Stress and Anxiety, Weight Loss, Health Care, Skin Care, Ear Care, Dewormer and Dental Care.



We stock the following over the counter medicine:



Shoofly 200ml


Shoofly 750ml


Shoofly Ointment


Equiline 1ltr


Frontline Cat


Frontline Small


Frontline Meduim


Frontline Large


Frontline X Large


Frontline Spray 100ml


Frontline Spray 250ml


Frontline Spray 500ml


Revolution Pup & Kitten


Revolution 2.6 – 5kg


Revolution 5.1 – 10kg


Revolution Cat


Practic Small


Practic Meduim


Practic Large


Mirracote 100ml


Mirracote 500ml


Nurture Calm Cat


Nurture Calm Dog


Pro Lyte 20g


Protexin 250g


Protexin 60g


Mobiflex LD 250g


Mobiflex 250g


Footsack Spray


Dermavet 75g


Pet Dent Gel 60g


Pet Dent Past


Laxapet 50g


Calm Eze Dog 30


Calm Eze Cat


Pup Mild


Ultrum Plus


Ultrum Original


Purl Shampoo 500ml


Purl Deodorant Spray


Prokolin 15ml


Prokolin 30ml


Purl detangle


Purl hypo Allergenic


Purl Tea tree


Milbemax .5-5kg


Milbemax 5+


Milbemax Cat.5-2kg


Mibemax Adult Cat




Advantix 4-10kg


Advantix 10-25kg


GSD dog


F10 Ointment


Heptonic 100ml


Nutro stim 75g


Ultrum Ultimate Spray 125ml


Capstar .5-11kg


Ultrum Tick and Flea Powder


Triworm Dog


Purl foam wash and go


Equiline Shampoo1ltr


Contact Us

Give us a call on 083 325 2644 or send an email with your Dog Health Care requirements.