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Royal Canin | Dogs | , Pretoria, Gauteng | Pets And The City | , Pretoria, Gauteng


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Pets and the City supplies the Royal Canin range of Dog Food.

Mini (1 - 10 kg):


Babydog milk

Mini Starter

Mini Adult

Mini Mature +8

Mini Ageing +12

Mini Sensible

Mini Light

Mini Exigent

Mini Junior



Medium (11 - 25 kg):


Babydog milk

Medium Starter

Medium Junior

Medium Adult

Medium Sensible

Medium Light

Medium Adult 7+



Maxi (26 - 44 kg):


Babydog milk

Maxi Starter

Maxi Sensible

Maxi Light

Maxi Adult

Maxi Junior

Maxi Adult 5+



Giant (> 45 kg):


Babydog milk

Giant Starter

Giant Adult

Giant Junior

Giant Puppy



Breed Health Nutrition:


Boxer Adult

Boxer Junior

Bulldog Adult

Bulldog Junior

Chihuahua Adult

Chihuahua Junior

Cocker Adult

Cocker Junior

Dalmation Adult

Dalmation Junior

Dachshund Adult

Dachshund Junior

Beagle Adult

French Bulldog Adult

German Shepherd Adult

German Shepherd

Golden Retriever Adult

Golden Retriever Adult

Great Dane Adult


Jack Russell Adult

Jack Russell Junior

Labrador Adult

Labrador Junior

Min Schnauzer Adult

Min Schnauzer Junior

Poodle Adult

Poodle Junior

Pug Adult

Pug Junior

Rottweiler Adult

Rottweiler Junior

Shih Tzu Adult

Shih Tzu Junior

Yorkshire Terrier Adult

Yorkshire Terrier Junior


Contact Us

Give us a call on 083 325 2644 or send an email with your Royal Canin requirements.